Monday, March 22, 2010

Buzz booze bizz~~

Since A has practically given up blogging, C shall try her magic. Well A hasn't really given up, but well, we've been busy. Yes so, exams- DONE, FINISED, THE END, so... FUCK EM! Thats exactly what we did. The death sentence ended on a happy note, because everybody knew that somewhere in the midst of that shining confidence, the joy in the the eye after you know you've attempted more than 40% of the paper, everybodys gonna fail atleast one subject.
And as for me, i think i'm gonna fail two. But A, oh, shes a topper! Never gonna fail in term exams man. So back to C, yes i'm failing two main papers, physics and chemistry. And i'm changing my stream to commerce, yes, NOW. I KNOW I'M AN IDIOT OKAY!
Oh wait, THE PARTAY. THE DHANSU PARTAY!! Yes, the DHANSU party, is the only official 'party' me and A have ever been to. And as the name suggests, yes it was SAX!! A, mee, chip and i made cookies for the party, YES PEOPLE WE CAN COOK. Um, i'm not sure if baking classifys under cooking. But whatever! So, the partay! We baked and dolled up baybee. And we reached on time. Suprisingly. Anyway, dj sucked :p haha, just kidding dj! Vam and dj did a fab job actually. The food was great. Um, atleast some of it was! And we danced like shit. Some people actually came up to me and asked me if i'm drunk, which i was not. SEE, WE ARE ALWAYS HIGH!! Actually i felt like i was drunk, cause i couldn't really walk straight. I almost fell- twice. Anybody who saw me was convinced that i was drunk. Shit. How do i do that. Anyway, my mom wanted me to be back by 7 but i turned up at 9.40 in the night. So naturally i was screwed. But A is such a lucky bitch(you know i love you :p) her mom was in blore and her dad really didn't care if she came at 9.40. Sigh, PARENTS i tell you! Can act so much like adults sometimes!
Anyway, i think i should go do some accounts. A will get back with the 'doggie picnic'. Till then, like always...

Ps. I'm high.


  1. haha !!! straight from the heart without mincing any words...
    Just make sure ur parents don't read it !!!!!

    i really hope they dont see this!!