Saturday, March 6, 2010

We're here and we're high!!!!!!!!!

Okay, just to make things clear...NO PEOPLE, WE ARE NOT DRUG ADDICTS!! We just get high on any shit.. for example: monkey ladder, guys, momo, hubba bubba, mushrooms(we can't help it..they look like little umbrellas!). oh! and BANGALORE!!! but more on that later.
And just in case you're wondering, "we" stands for

drum-roll please..

A-the cool craziiieee fashion lover, biki paparazzi in charge, anti-girly, artsy, tennis player and

C-the goth, 'knows everyone(:P)' romantic-but not really, pink hater, keyboardist who plays basketball and says 'blah' way too much.

That's for the introduction.

OK people. if you don't understand any of this shit. well, u don't really know us. or we're just too high for you to handle. ha. anyway, some terms probably need explanation.

biki- the love of A's life. her lil bro ok. she's anti falling in love.

er, that was the only term. sorry.

now we present a joke, that VAM told us! (do check out

whats the opposite of Santa????????

don't know???

oh don't be a dick!!!!

okay okay, i know our jokes too smart for you...

its IODEX!!

because- santa is SARDAR and iodex is ASARDAR!!!!

haha, this was C's joke. A is shuffling away slowly.... although she did understand that one! :O

Yes, A has a problem with hindi!! as she puts it... its more than a no no its not the case of "SIMON GO BACK" here...shes just a tamilian!!

anyway, peace yo!

and like every post we will ever write, we shall end with...

PS. I'm High.

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