Friday, April 16, 2010

The sweet internet!!!

so i'm here. in c's house. with 10mins before my mom calls threatening to disown me. :P
yeah, my mums like that. what to do?

i'm very proud of myself right now. i was in the sector-50 market. And my pocket was pretty heavy, so i bought myself cheesecake and a roll. And.... i brought it to C's place to share! Well, certain people know me to be generous with food and money ( varun! dude, you owe me big time!) but this was pretty nice of me.

And to those of you who don't know and keep rubbing it in my face- i don't have internet!! boo hoo! ok, so i don't cry. but still.
And i'm wasting away at home listening to my mom telling me to study! 12th is not the end of the world people!! I have a feeling, its gonna be more fun than 11th even.

oh. my time has come. do not consider c's nonsense as mine. :P

later y'all!


PS. I'm high.

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